In case anyone didn't know, Queen_Cake and I are on vacation and will be gone for a week. But we will be making a few cameos throughout the week. Here are some things that happened this week:

• If you have a warp and want it moved or re-named, admins will now do it for $250

• The Nether ceiling is open for business. Queen and I were on the fence about it since it's "outside" the normal game, but since a few people had already built there (like DiNomis :d) we will declare it officially useable and abuseable

• TNT is now useable everywhere, not just below sea level. We may add in a rank requirement to place it

• The Dragon Egg is now available with /vote shop

• The Donation shop can now accept arbitrary donations from you philanthropists who desire nothing in return (suggested by amonsterbeast)

• Some nasty backend bugs have been fixed (hopefully!)

Some of our players have been busy too, check out amonsterbeast's youtube channel!